New Kit

How to make the new Rag Jacket

You'll need a loose fitting black shirt. First thing to do is to cut off the sleeves:

Next select 2 coloured ribbons at random and add a black one on top.
Fold over the top edge to match the shoulder seam of the shirt and pin it in place:

Repeat this across the front of the shirt:

Then stitch them in place along the shoulder seam and across where you can see the second lot of pins holding the rags in place. This will stop the rags flying over your shoulders when you're dancing.

Repeat all this across the back of the shirt. It's best to attach the outside rags first and work in towards the middle. Stitching across the back row of rags is probably the hardest bit of the job as it's easy to end up with the rags not hanging evenly.

After stitching the jacket should look like this:

Finally the rags might need trimming to length depending on how tall you are. The rags should hang down to just below your knees.